Randy Philips, the CEO of AEG Live is stomping around Michael Jackson’s doctors and demanding answers as to why the singer was cleared medically for the concerts if they knew he had problems. Randy Philips said the following about the medical exams Michael Jackson underwent before his death: “Maybe they didn’t do a good enough job. We want answers. We have poured millions of cash into Michael’s comeback. All the tests pointed to him being in fine physical shape. It’s a complete mystery. The insurance company had an independent physician fly out from New York and give him a five-hour exam. We were told he passed with flying colours. Now I would like to see the results. If he was taking that amount of prescription drugs, wouldn’t that have been picked up in a blood test?” I wonder if the guys from AEG were thinking of stuff like this when they booked Michael Jackson for fifty concerts instead of ten. I can just see Randy Philips in a satiric cartoon with the singer’s heart in his hand going toward his doctors: “You told me it would hold, god damn you!”