Janet Jackson has now canceled three more shows which makes for a total of six altogether on her tour. According to her rep, JJ has cancelled last night’s show in Greensboro, NC, today’s show in Atlanta, and tomorrow’s in Fort Lauderdale because it’s “evident” she’s not fully recovered.

So that makes Montreal, Boston, and Philly, Greensboro, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale. Her doctor has ordered her to go home for further treatment.

From what I’ve been reading, Janet’s tour has been less than 3/4 capacity at all her venue’s except for Los Angeles. Wonder if her tour has been losing money and she’s doing the same thing that Britney did on the ONYX Tour… progressively becoming more ill and bowing out with a medical condition rather than face up to the shame that has followed her career since the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction.

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