50 Cent is due in court next Monday in his ongoing battle to gain access visitation for Marquise, his 11 year old son. Apparently there are three separate cases on the docket which means some major legal fees

His attorney Brett Kimmel states that 50 Cent wants every other weekend as well as a month during the summer, as well as access during school recesses. The application says Mr. Kimmel :

“maximizes the time the child can spend with his father while remaining sensitive to the child’s own schedule.”

It saddens me to read another custody situation where parents can’t/won’t put aside their own needs in favor of the best interests of their child. A boy needs his father to teach him how to be a man, and if the only reason for the limited visitation time Fifty is applying to see his son for is because of the boy’s schedule, I really think that the boy would rather spend time with his dad verses the time that he is allowed through court order.