Melanie C pregnant?! One of the last Spice girls to have a child. The 34-year-old chica is expecting a new  baby with her boyfriend of six years Thomas Starr.

She announced on her website: “Some happy news. Well, I can now announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy. As I’m sure you’ll understand we needed time to wait for results and tell our families. I will be taking it easy but am also excited to start writing for the fifth album. I will need to take some time off to be a mum but, before you know it, we’ll be back.”

I find it odd that most of the Spice Girls are with children and not married. They were supposed to be good role models for all their girlie fans back in the day and this just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Scary fought with Eddie Murphy about some child issue.

Posh may be with a hot man but he has cheated on her in the past.

Sporty has been with a bf for 6 years, and still not married so decides what the hell she just wants a baby.

Baby Spice to my knowledge just has a long time boyfriend (10+ years) and is not married either.

Lastly Ginger Spice also has a child, but is not married.

Maybe these girls just don’t feel that they need a man in their life? Who really knows…