Marilyn Manson held a press conference a couple of days ago and announced that his band now has a new guitarist. He is Wes Borland ex-member of Limp Bizkit and he apparently played with them for the first time on August 15th. He went on to trash Borland’s previous band by saying how awful they were and that they were destroying Borland’s ‘artistic side.’

Marilyn Manson and the band have been in the studio and have a new album that is half-finished and is due out next year.

Marilyn Manson’s brand of absinthe, Mansinthe, has actually won the gold medal in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Marilyn had this to say about his nectar of evil that is illegal in the U.S.:

“Wormwood, when you distil it, makes this thing called thujone; it’s like the equivalent of THC in marijuana. I have a guy who sends it to me in a dropper.” Marilyn Manson