According to, Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend video is currently Youtube’s all-time no. 2 clip, “having been viewed some 88,739,107″ times.

Is she getting that many views or are some of her more rabid fans helping it along? It now appears that a devious plan has been in the works to move her into the top spot! has this writeup:

“Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend music video is less than 1 million views away from becoming the most watched video of all time on YouTube, so if ever there was a time for us to bring back the YouTube campaign, that time is now!

“But making Girlfriend the most watched video on YouTube is small potatoes compared to what we’re capable of. We’re going to make Girlfriend the first ever video on YouTube to have over 100,000,000 views…

“…what we’re attempting won’t be easy but…. Bahh who am I kidding? Of course it will be easy because we have a secret weapon.”

The secret weapon? A page that will automatically refresh every 15 seconds, adding one view to Girlfriend’s YouTube total each time it does.

“Keep this page open while you browse the internet, study for exams, or even sleep. For extra viewing power, open up two or more browser windows at this page!

“The views will start to add up faster than you can even imagine. If we had 86 people keeping two windows open for 10 days straight, we would already be at 10,000,000 views.”

The number one position currently belongs to that ‘History of Dance’ clip. Time will tell if her posse manages to get the job done, although it really is pathetic of them in my opinion!