R Kelly Thinks He Is All that…

When R. Kelly’s longtime publicist Regina Daniels announced her resignation last November, she only said that he had “crossed a line.” Now we know just what that line was.
Her husband music retailer George Daniels, who had also worked with Kelly has confirmed that Kelly’s relationship with their college-age daughter is what caused them to end their friendship/business relationship.
Kelly is currently awaiting trial on child-pornography charges.
In an interview with Los Angeles urban radio station KJLH, George Daniels expressed disbelief and sadness that R. Kelly, who he said was “like a son” to him and his wife, would have gotten into a secret relationship with his 21-year-old daughter, Maxine, “who in essence … would be his sister.” He called it a “betrayal.”
Maxine, who is now 21 years old and a college student was wooed by Kelly’s expensive gifts, which included a car. “When a child is sidetracked, when a child is persuaded to lie, to go against [her parents' wishes],” George told KJLH, “when you have the toys and the gifts and the shopping sprees … that’ll turn anybody.”