Hi Everybody!

WOW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! We are so excited about the fantastic response that we have had from everybody registering to come and see us on tour. It means so much that people want to see the 5 of us together again on stage.

Now for some really cool news! We’ve had loads of messages from people all over the World asking why we weren’t performing in their Country. It’s impossible for us to perform everywhere but we thought why not let our fans decide where we play? This is your chance to turn your City in to “SPICE CITY”! All you need to do is tell us where you want to see us!

The City with the most votes will become “SPICE CITY” and we’ll definitely come and play there as part of our tour. It really is up to you to decide which City becomes “SPICE CITY” so get voting!

Lots of love
The Spice Girls


Isn’t that sweet that the Spice Girls are letting their fans vote for what city they want them to do a concert in! I guess they are trying to rally up what fans they have left and get them to feel part of their special come back. Now if only they would bring back those tasty Spice Girl lollipops. I think I must have spent 100 of dollars on them because they tasted soooo good. (Go to their website to sign up to vote and to buy tickets)